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Circle E Candles

Circle E Candles makes beautifully crafted candles in luscious scents and various sizes. Circle E offers candles for your every need; including but not limited to 4oz Votives, 12oz. Jars, 28oz Jars, 40oz Jars, and half gallon Cookie Jars! Circle E offers various scents from fruity to flowery and everything in between! Bird of Paradise is, by far, the most popular of the Circle E line. Circle E Candles make wonderful gifts as well as perfect personal gifts for your own home or work place.

Circle E Candles are not your typical candle. To create the signature candles they are known for the longest-burning and most delightfully fragrant candles on the market. Circle E combines the finest fragrances available with their own exclusive blend of the highest-quality waxes. They then painstakingly hand-pour their candles into high-quality heavy glass containers using only lead-free wicks. No detail is left to chance.

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Candles 4oz Votive - Country Morning

Cinnamon pumpkin spice with a burst of vanilla and nutmeg.

Candles 4oz Votive - Creamy Cinnamon Vanilla

A smooth blend of vanilla infused with cinnamon.

Candles 4oz Votive - Crème Brulée

A luscious vanilla and caramel delight.

Candles 4oz Votive - Eternity

A truly masculine fragrance, with a refreshing fusion of warm exotic spices.

Candles 4oz Votive - Evening Passion

"Obsession" type perfume. Truly sensual fragrance.

Candles 4oz Votive - Fire on the Mountain

Hot spicy cinnamon. Reminiscent of a crisp autumn morning.

Candles 4oz Votive - Fresh Apple

Fresh-picked apples, natural, refreshing.

Candles 4oz Votive - Gardenia

Fresh aroma of a floral garden.

Candles 4oz Votive - Gourmet Sugar Cookie

Sugar, spice and everything nice - Fresh from Grandma's kitchen.

Candles 4oz Votive - Grapefruit

The energizing fragrance of grapefruit.

Candles 4oz Votive - Hill Country Bluebonnets

The essence of the wildflower that calls Texas home.

Candles 4oz Votive - Honeysuckle

Nature's natural scent with a delightful drizzle of honey.

Candles 4oz Votive - Japanese Cherry Blossom

Delicate Cherry Blossom.

Candles 4oz Votive - Kiwi Strawberry

Electric fruit blend.

Candles 4oz Votive - Lavender Fields

Formal English herbal…uplifting.

Candles 4oz Votive - Lime Margarita

Lime infused with a touch of tequila.

Candles 4oz Votive - Magnolia Blossom

With its luscious green leaves and soft, lovely flowers, the Magnolia is one of the finest flowers in the south.

Candles 4oz Votive - Mulberry

Inviting aroma of tangy, sweet mulberries.

Candles 4oz Votive - Orange Marmalade

A bold blend of spicy orange & clove.

Candles 4oz Votive - Orange Patchouli

The sensual aromatherapy of patchouli and the fresh scent of orange.

Candles 4oz Votive - Orange Vanilla

A zesty citrus grove gently laced with French vanilla.

Candles 4oz Votive - Peace

Experience this peaceful tropical paradise, with a hint of blueberry.

Candles 4oz Votive - Peach Harvest

A bumper crop of juicy peach fragrance fresh from the field.